(This is a Template, for reference only)

Home Stay Boarding Agreement

This agreement is set between Party A referred to as the Host family, and Party B referred to as the student and If the student is a minor, the parents of a minor child/ child`s guardian/ or if the student is aged over 18 if applicable.


General Information:

Party A:

Full name:


Contact No.


Party B:

Student’s full name (as shown in the student`s passport):

Student’s Date of Birth:

Student’s Passport Number:

Student’s Passport Expiry Date:


Student father’s name:

Student mother’s name:

Student home country address:

Student home country contact no.:

Student Canada’s Guardian Contact information:

Guardian full name:

Guardian address:

Contact no.:

Party A& B signed this homestay agreement in the presence of an independent witness

Name of witness:

Witness’ signature:



This contract period is     year (     months) starting from (Date) and end on (Date).The agreement   days in advance can be renewed for another one year agreed by both parties either by signing or verbally.

If Party B breaches the period of this contract, Party B must pay an amount $       of administrative fee to Party A.

Party A charges the monthly rent is (           ) CAD, other onetime costs: e.g  Key deposit$,  boarding deposit: $   .The deposits are refundable when student moves out and if there is not outstanding balance owed to Party A

Party A would accept              as payment. Payment methods will be discussed.

If Party A is required to terminate the Contract prematurely for any reason, Party A shall notify Party B days in advance or not less than                days in writing. The student’s guardian and/or agent must find a replacement for the remaining months of this contract. The replacement shall agree to continue the contract under the same conditions.

Party A should monitor Party B (the student’s) life in the house when the student lives with party A. in loco parentis


Party A would provide a clean and comfortable room, would equip the room with furniture, and would make sure the child lives in a comfortable environment.


Party A will provide to Party B (the student) as following,

  • meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner (e.g breakfast –self-served; lunch – boxed; dinner- self-served )
  • Laundry- (e.g once a week)
  • Internet service
  • Electricity and water
  • Heating and cooling , must set the room temperature in accordance with the provincial law
  • Access to a bathroom


Party A should know Party B (the student)’s health condition early in advance and consider the student’s health by following the instructions of the student’s medical practitioner and contacting the student’s guardian for medical treatments if necessary. Party A should notify the guardian to take Party B(the student) to see a doctor when needed. The student or/and the parents of the student’s responsibility is to pay for all treatments and doctors’ services by means of private medical insurance and the student and guardians agree to indemnify and save harmless the homestay family from any claims for medical charges.


This agreement doesn’t include any transportation fees. Party A would charge Party B fees for providing transportation, at a rate of $   /per km, upon written request from student.


Party B has to pay a deposit of last month’s rent in the amount of $      to make a reservation.


Party B (the student) pays the rent for the first month upon arrival.


Party B has to pay monthly rent on the       of each month.


Party B shall pay the rent and all the additional expenses incurred to Party A on the due date. If Party B delays in delivery, Party A will calculate the penalty fee at the rate of (2%) (perday) until Party B is paid in full.


During any period of breaks or vacations of the contract period, if Party B (the student) keeps the possession to the room, Party B is responsible to pay for the rent.

Party B (the student) should provide a lunchbox to Party A for packing lunch on each school day, otherwise Party A will assume the student would prefer to buy lunch for the day.

Party B (the student) shall not use the extra high-power electrical appliances at home without Party A’s consent.
Party B(the student) should be academic-oriented, do not recommend go to sleep later than 11 o’clock every night and after 10 pm do not have high-decibel volume of activities.
Party B (the student) cannot have friends sleep over without Party A’s consent, or in the room raising small animals and smoking.
Party B (the student) shall, under the laws of Canada, be allowed to smoke, drinking alcohol if they are under the age of 19.
This contract has legal effect in Canada and China, and both parties should abide by it.

Name of Party A


Name of parents of Party B (both father and mother)




Party B (the student)’s guardian: